When a building’s doors are securely locked, the next point of entry that potential home invaders will try is likely your windows. This means that just as much attention should be given to the security of your windows as what is given to the security of your doors. In South Africa, it is advisable to reinforce your first line of security (windows, doors) with a second layer of deterrent e.g. security gates and burglar guards.

If you’re wondering which style of window is best for security, we’ve listed them below from most secure to least secure. We’re also discussing the most secure types of glass panes, so keep reading to learn more.

  1. Fixed windows
    Fixed windows are windows that cannot open. They serve only to let light into a building, and therefore are arguably the most secure style of window. This is because there is no way to enter the window without smashing the glass pane.
  2. Side hung casement windows
    These windows open sideways, and feature a latch or lock that can be securely fastened from the inside. These are secure windows if you remember to latch them properly when they are closed.
  3. Top hung casement windows (like an awning)
    Just like side hung casement windows that have internal latches or locks, “awning” windows are considered secure. Instead of opening from side to side, they are hinged at the top and open outwards like an awning.
  4. Sliding windows
    Sliding windows are not as safety-centric as the windows we’ve mentioned above. This is because they operate on a sliding rail system, and intruders often find it easy to pry these windows open by bumping them off of their rails.

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Does the type of glass impact window security?

Yes, it does. The type of glass fitted into your building’s windows can add an extra layer of security if you opt for bullet-proof, double glazed, laminated, impact-resistant or toughened glass. These types of glass are designed to withstand impacts when intruders try to smash through them.

Below are the most secure glasses to use in window frames if you’re looking to up your building’s window security:

  1. Bullet-proof Glass
  2. Double Glazed Glass
  3. Laminated Glass
  4. Impact-Resistant Glass
  5. Toughened Glass

Tinted glass helps to prevent home invaders being able to see through the window and assess the interior of a building. Arguably, intruders are less likely to attempt a break-in when they can’t see if anyone is inside.

It’s important to keep in mind that the biggest security factor for any window is if it is locked or latched. While the type of glass used can add extra security, it’s up to a window’s locks and latches to keep the window safe from tampering. Ensure your latches and locks are engaged and in good working order.

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