If you’re looking for an effective way to insulate your home or office, double glazed windows offer numerous benefits. Natural light does only enhance the design of your space. It also saves energy by reducing the need for electrical lighting. Natural light can be surprisingly effective in reducing stress levels, making it ideal for offices.

While natural light is certainly a good choice for any type of premises, having multiple non-energy savings aluminium windows is not always the solution. Windows can result in energy loss, which, in turn, can affect the insulation of your space. This is where double glazed windows become an excellent investment.

Why Consider Double Glazed Windows?

Double glazed windows are windows that have two panes of glass rather than a single pane. Between each pane is gas that causes insulation. There are several benefits offered by double glazing, including the following:

Temperature control.

South Africa may not have below-freezing temperatures as the northern hemisphere might have, but temperatures can still be extremely cold. Likewise, summer temperatures can be very hot. Double glazing helps to regulate temperatures, keeping your home or office cool in the hot weather and warm in the cold weather.

Reduced energy costs.

Because double glazing helps to insulate and regular temperature, they can help to reduce the costs spent on air-conditioning and heating. Heating and cooling spaces naturally, while allowing maximum light is a good way to save on energy costs while also getting the benefit of natural light.

Noise reduction.

The insulation of these windows can help to reduce noise, which is an especially big advantage when you live or work in an area that is busy or noisy. As this type of window has two panes and an air pocket, far less noise is let in compared to conventional windows. For offices, reduced noise helps to increase productivity, with fewer distractions caused by traffic and various other noise. For homes, quieter spaces are calmer and free of unwanted noise that can cause poor sleep, irritation and plenty of frustration.

Increased security.

This type of window is far more secure than regular windows. The double-pane design that includes the insulated layer gives you added protection, making them far harder to break. These windows are also sealed much more tightly compared to regular windows, adding even more protection. Added security ensures far greater peace of mind, whether you are looking at increasing security at your home or in your office.

Reduced moisture.

Over time, windows can be prone to mould and other issues caused by condensation. Thanks to the pocket of gas between the windows, double glazing helps to prevent moisture. Panes stay drier and the airtight seal helps to avoid condensation.

If you’re looking for a highly effective way to enjoy all the benefits of natural light along with many advantages, double glazing is an investment that will continue to pay off, year after year. To find out more about double glazed windows in Durban and surrounds, contact the ParaGone team today.