The right types of office partitions can make a world of difference to your corporate space, helping to create individual offices and communal areas in warehouses and other large premises. With a variety of styles on offer, this solution offers a flexible, easy-to-install system that adds privacy, seals off work areas, and enhances available space significantly.

The best way to get the most from your office partition is to choose a solution that provides the most value. Keep reading to find out how various types of office partitions compare.

Choosing the Right Office Partition

Choosing your office partition will come down to a number of factors. You may require a large amount of privacy or you may prefer a more open style of office that features glass. You may have a generally quiet office or you may require soundproof glass to reduce noise from certain areas. You may be seeking flexible partitioning or you may find that a fixed solution is better suited to your needs. Before you make your choice, it can be very useful to think about how you use your office, how much privacy you require, how the space is divided currently, and what sort of look you are hoping to achieve. Some of the most commonly installed types of office partitions include the following:


Floor-to-ceiling glass partitions offer a modern option that gives the illusion of space. Individual work areas can be created without making the overall room seem cramped. Favoured by creative agencies, marketing companies, design firms, and many other types of business, the look of this partition is stylish, contemporary and cutting-edge.

Soundproof Glass

You can go one step further by choosing soundproof glass rather than regular glass. This will help to muffle sound, ensuring a greater sense of privacy within the premises. Whether you require a more intimate space for meetings or you want to ensure that each unit is fully self-contained, soundproof glass is a good choice.

Stacking Doors

Stacking doors are a versatile solution that allows plenty of flexibility. If your workspace is more fluid than fixed, with common areas and employee areas that may not always stay the same, stacking doors allow you to move partitions quickly and easily. This offers far more versatility, allowing you to plan your space around your current needs and requirements.


For fixed offices, drywall is often the most effective, long-lasting solution. This type of partition looks and acts much like a traditional wall, cordoning off areas so that ample privacy is ensured. Some offices choose a combination of glass and drywall, to create areas that are private while still allowing full view of the office. Others use full dry walls, for a floor-to-ceiling wall that provides full privacy at all times.

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