Wondering which aluminium doors are the right choice for your home or business? From sliding doors to French doors, there are several types of doors to consider. Depending on the overall look and design of your property, the climate you live in, the size of your property, the layout of your property, and where you plan to place your doors, each type has its benefits. In this buyer’s guide, we take a look at the different types of aluminium doors offered at ParaGone to show you how each compares.

Choosing the Right Aluminium Doors for Your Needs

Choosing the ideal aluminium doors to suit your needs will largely come down to your specific space requirements and your design preferences. Here is a brief outline of each door style and what it offers for your home, shop or business premises.

Sliding doors

These are the most common type of door. They are affordable, easy to open and close and weather-sealed. This type of door is frequently used for patios, due to their ability to let maximum light into rooms and transform your space. This door type typically runs on adjustable gliders for smooth opening and closing. They can be designed to suit your property colours and style for a modern yet practical choice of doors.

Multi-track doors

Multi-track doors are a type of sliding door that can slide on either side. They generally have more than two or three panels to allow a larger expanse of around six metres when the doors open and close. The first panel is fixed with additional panels and the additional panels can slide so that they are adjacent to the first panel. The result is maximum open space. This type of door also works well on patios and it can be effective in commercial premises for meeting rooms or entryways.

Palace doors

Palace doors are also sliding doors. These premium doors offer a higher level of durability with a larger panel size compared to regular sized sliding doors. They are ideal for areas with high winds and strong weather conditions, with a heavier profile and a robust structure. These doors are completely weather-proof, helping to keep heat inside. If you are looking for something heavy-duty, these doors are a good option.

Folding doors

These doors are yet another type of sliding door. They are also known as bifold doors, with multiple panels with a strong aluminium frame. Instead of sliding, these doors fold, with each panel folding and stacking against the adjacent panel. Folding doors are an excellent choice for large doorways as they are made to open up a large space. This makes them a good choice for indoor areas such as living rooms or formal lounges or larger sized commercial spaces.

French doors

French doors are used for many different premises, offering a classic hinged door that opens either in or out. Single doors are also common, however double or French doors are the preferred choice for many home and business owners. They are a good alternative to regular doors, with glass that maximises natural light and gives the illusion of space.

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