Choosing an aluminium company is not always easy – especially if you are not sure where to even begin. There are many things that a good supplier is able to offer, from certification all the way to guarantees.

Before you make your choice, one of the best ways to make an informed decision before settling on an aluminium company for your upcoming project is to ask a few questions that will help separate the ‘fly by night’ companies and the trusted companies. Keep reading to find out more.

What to Ask Your Aluminium Company

While every company promises to be the cheapest and the best, not everyone can guarantee a job well done. To help you with choosing an aluminium company, here are some questions to ask that may guide you and give you peace of mind.

What certification and accreditation do you have?

Is the company affiliated with AAAMSA? (Association of Architectural Aluminium Manufacturers of South Africa). AAAMSA regulates the appropriate standards and quality, in the interest of both the industry and its customers. All products installed by AAAMSA members must meet all the design load criteria and specific site conditions. Building regulations will require that you have a ‘glazing certificate’ for any installation. All new builds will need a ‘glazing certificate’ before occupancy will be passed. It is also very important to note that no Aluminium company will provide a compliance certificate if they have not done the job themselves. Be wary of any company that is uncertified.

How long have you been in service?

Experience is invaluable. So much so that it is better to spend a bit more on a company that has been in business for long enough to have built up extensive experience working with aluminium windows and doors than to go with a cheaper company that has yet to build a track record. That leads us to our next question…

Can you provide references or testimonials?

It will also be hard to build trust without any testimonials or references. It is very difficult to have an assurance that the company is able to do what they say they can do. What previous projects have they completed? Can you see before and after photos? Are there testimonials from happy customers? If the company does not have a track record, it will be very hard to know whether they can do what they have promised.

How competitive is your pricing?

This means comparing apples with apples rather than oranges. Low-quality products will be cheaper but will lack strength and durability. It can be useful to get a few quotes together beforehand so that you already have some idea of average pricing. If you are given a figure that is well out of the ballpark – either by being far under price or far over price. There may well be inconsistencies with the specs, either on the thickness of the glass or the size of the aluminium extrusions used. Compare apples with apples!

What guarantees do you offer?

Will the company be able to come back and resolve any issues that may arise? Are any guarantees given for the type of glass used? Although no company will admit to having poor customer service, it is still worth asking whether there are guarantees in place to protect you in case anything was to go wrong.

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