One of the many benefits of skylights and large windows is the amount of natural light they allow. In today’s busy world, a large number of people work in enclosed offices under harsh fluorescent lights. Many leave home before the sun is fully up each morning, returning as the sun begins to set. Natural light is not only essential for physical well-being, but also for mental health and overall wellness.

The Benefits of Natural Light

Even a few hours of natural light each day can have a major impact on your health, helping to improve the mood, maintain a healthy sleep cycle and even increase productivity. Adding large windows or sliding doors that let in the maximum amount of light is one of the simplest ways to increase light within residential and commercial buildings. Skylights also help to make use of sunlight, catching rays even on overcast days. Some of the biggest benefits of light for mental health and overall mood include the following:

Increased productivity.

Light is essential for plants to thrive, and for humans, it is equally essential. Offices that allow for maximum light will often find that employees are more productive. The reason for this is simple. Sunlight is a way for the body to know that it is daytime. Just as birds and diurnal creatures use the sun to know when to wake and when to sleep, humans use sunlight to perform all the chores that need to be done each day. When the only lighting available is artificial, it can often make it harder to perform these chores, as the body cannot easily tell whether it is day, night or somewhere in between.

Improved sleep cycle.

It is the cycle of day to night that also helps to improve sleep cycles, which, in turn, is vital for mental well-being. Some people prefer to awaken to morning light rather than an alarm. Waking as the sun rises informs the body that it is time to start the day while going to sleep in the dark tells the body that it is time to end the day. When lighting is harsh, dim or artificial, the natural sleep cycle is easily disturbed. Human brains produce chemicals in the night that help improve sleep. The 24 hour circadian cycle is greatly enhanced by lighting that is natural.

Better mood.

Finally, another way that ample light can help is by lifting the mood. In many northern hemisphere regions, Seasonal Affective Disorder affects people who do not get enough sunlight during the harsh winter months. Although we don’t get much snow in South Africa, gloomy lighting, fake lighting and long periods of time spent away from light can still affect the mood. Getting sunlight for even half an hour a day can greatly help to treat depression and other mood disorders.

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