Home invaders generally fall into two categories if you live in Durban. One of these groups of nuisance makers is looking to take your money and electronics, while the other just wants to raid your fruit bowl and taunt your dogs. ParaGone has recently added two types of security gates to the list of house fittings we can install. These are a robust retractable security gate and a monkey-proof gate.

Retracting Security Gates

Hot summer days are when you are likely to leave your doors and windows open for longer than usual. Retractable security gates offer peace of mind that these can stay wide open, and your building will remain safe. We can install these gates in any doorway, and they can be used to secure windows too. ParaGone also has access to any spare parts that may need replacing in the future.

  • Smooth, silent sliding
  • Range of colours and finishes
  • Low maintenance

Monkey-Proof Security Gate

Sadly, retracting security gates don't keep monkeys from raiding your kitchen. We have developed a stylish security gate with a monkey-proof grid. This monkey-proof security gate works with our clip 44 section and can be powder coated to your chosen colour. This monkey-proof security gate also works with our palace sliding doors and hinge aluminium doors. It can accommodate 25/35 backset locks and, as a future feature, we plan to incorporate a fly screen.

Arrange Robust Security Gates in Durban

Installing aluminium fittings in homes, offices, retail outlets and factories is what we do best – and we do it very well. Get in touch with our ParaGone team on 082 576 4706 or info@pgceilings.co.za┬áto arrange a monkey-proof gate, an aluminium security gate in Durban, or any other aluminium and glass fixture you need.