When it comes to partitioning, architects and developers have options. Partition walls are excellent for dividing up large spaces into smaller compartments, and they don’t even have to be walls (see our section on stacking doors below). Today, people looking for partitions are usually picking between two types: dry walling or aluminium & glass partitioning. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of each of these, plus we’ll look at a third partitioning option: stacking doors.

Permanent vs. semi-permanent partitions

Developers are often faced with a choice: permanent partitions or semi-permanent partitions. Brick and mortar partitions are permanent alterations to a building. These require more time and resources to build, and will certainly cause long-term interruptions to any activities taking place in the space.

Semi-permanent partitions, like dry walling or aluminium & glass partitions, do not require any permanent building alterations. They are also much quicker to install, limiting the amount of time the installation process will take and the interruptions it will cause.

Dry walling partitions

This type of partition looks much like a traditional wall, cordoning off areas so that ample privacy is ensured. Some spaces, like offices, make use of glass and drywall to create areas that are private while still allowing full view of the cordoned-off space. Others use full dry walls, for a floor-to-ceiling wall that provides full privacy.

Aluminium & glass partitioning

Aluminium and glass partitions offer a modern partitioning option that awards the illusion of space while segmenting the area. Separate areas can be formed without making the overall space seem cramped and claustrophobic. Glass partitions are loved by marketing companies, design firms, financial establishments, and a bunch of other enterprises that look for a stylish, contemporary look.

A third option: stacking doors

Stacking doors are also made from aluminium and glass, but they aren’t limited like fixed partitions. Think of them as a means to make your space versatile, where the stacking doors can remain closed for privacy and space division, or stacked away to completely open the space up again.

Expert partitioning and stacking door installs

No matter your partitioning requirements, the ParaGone team is here to support you. We offer a wide range of aluminium and glass products (specializing in doors and windows) for homes, offices, and any other buildings – including dry walling partitions and aluminium & glass partitioning. Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality partitioning available in Durban and the wider KwaZulu-Natal province.