As we prepare to enter a whole new decade, many businesses are embracing 2020 as a time for an office renovation. If you are aiming to modernise your space in the year ahead, you may be wondering where to get started. There are many ways to create a modern look for your office. Many ways do not require major renovation or building crews, either. In this office renovation guide, we share some relatively simple ways that you can revive your space with just a few changes.

Top Tips for Modern Office Renovation in 2021

Making changes does not always mean large-scale construction. Office renovation can also mean making smaller changes that make a huge impact. Some of the ways that you can modernise your premises include the following:

1/ Add an enclosure.

Outdoor spaces are important for many reasons. Giving employees a space that provides fresh air, sunshine, and somewhere to relax during breaks can help to boost productivity and improve overall workplace satisfaction. Having an outdoor space can also be useful for informal meetings with clients and even for functions. An aluminium enclosure or balcony offers an affordable way to create a compact outdoor space that connects to your office.

2/ Let in more light.

Natural light is also good for productivity – especially compared to harsh fluorescent lights. One way to let in as much light as possible is to replace your current windows with floor to ceiling windows. These will allow light to filter through, giving your office a more contemporary look while also brightening the space considerably. For best results, choose SmartGlass, which allows you to get all of the light without the harsh glare. This window solution also regulates temperature and filters UV rays. Rooflights are another way to let in more light.

3/ Divide your space.

Office partitions are a simple way to create individual workspaces in a larger office. These can be customised in various ways for a sleek, seamless effect. You could partition off certain areas or use partitions to separate departments. Drywall partitioning is the ideal choice for complete privacy. Partitions can comprise of glass-topped structures or floor to ceiling glass walls for a sophisticated look that allows for maximum light. You could also consider industrial-look partitioning – one of the leading trends in office design.

4/ Create an entrance.

Your entrance is the very first thing that visitors see when entering your premises. Just as your reception area leaves a lasting impression, your entryway is equally important. Replacing your standard door with a more modern and striking door is the best way to create the right impression from the moment visitors arrive at your office.

5/ Update your exterior.

For a quick and simple way to modernise the look of a building from the outside, aluminium cladding is an excellent option. Our premium quality H CLAD range comes with a 15 year guarantee, featuring powder-coated outer panels with a fire-resistant core. This cladding will not fade, discolour, peel or bubble, making it a highly durable choice to update building exteriors.

However you decide to update your office in the year ahead, ParaGone is here to make your updates simpler. Contact us today to find out how we can help you