Shopfront design plays an essential role in attracting customers and upholding your brand image. The front of your store is the very first thing that customers see when they are passing. You could think of your entry as the face of your store. Whether your store is located within a mall or a street, your shopfront is often a deciding factor on whether customers will enter the store to look around or keep walking without entering. With that in mind, to ensure that you make the right impression right from the start, investing in shopfront design is extremely important.

The Importance of Shopfront Design

Why exactly is shopfront design so vital to your business? Let’s take a look at some of the biggest reasons that you should be investing in your shopfront.

Makes the right impression.

You only have one chance at making an impression and just a few seconds to attract customers. Think about the last time you visited a busy shopping centre. Which shops got your attention in a way that made you want to see what they had to offer? Do you even remember the shops that you walked past without a second thought? Chances are high that the ones you remembered and got your attention were the ones that had an attractive, well-designed storefront.

Provides a seamless brand experience.

Your store is a brand. This includes every single aspect of the store, from your carrier bags to your labels, brochures, and signage. Your storefront is also part of your brand. When you have invested in a beautifully crafted storefront that is on-brand, you are providing an experience that reinforces your brand to every customer visiting your store. For best results, plan a front that suits the look and feel of your store. Use glass and aluminium in tones and designs that work well with your displays and signage.

Optimises available light.

Lighting plays a vital role in shopping, allowing you to showcase your products to their maximum advantage. In an indoor environment such as a mall, lighting is typically limited to overhead lights. Some may have skylights. Whatever the case, it is important to let in as much light as possible. You can add more light by choosing Performance SmartGlass, which offers a range of laminated, double glazed, mirror, and coated glass solutions. This glass helps to maintain heat when it is cold and keeps interiors cool when it is hot.

Increases store security.

Finally, another thing to keep in mind is that a shopfront that is made from toughened glass such as Performance SmartGlass will enhance your security. SmartGlass is governed by AAAMSA regulations to ensure that the correct glass is used for safety reasons. Combined with durable, strong aluminium, large glass windows and panes will be fortified. This means that your storefront will not only look good but also provide excellent safety.

ParaGone offers a wide range of products for retail businesses. We also offer premium Performance SmartGlass products to enhance your store’s entry even further. Contact us today to learn more about getting the most from shopfront design in Durban and surrounds.