It’s almost the end of the year, and if you’re like us – you can’t wait for the festive season break! While we look forward to a well-deserved rest period, we can’t help but wonder if our homes and businesses are going to be safe while we’re away.

Protecting your business, the stock it holds and the equipment you use to run it during shutdown depends on how effective your security solutions are against would-be thieves and looters.

It’s also applicable to private homes, where looking after your hard-worked-for belongings while you’re on holiday depends on the residential security measures you have in place.

This ParaGone article looks at the safety risks businesses and homes face over the festive season, and how to effectively protect your property while you’re not there.

Safety risks during the festive season

How secure is your home or business when you aren’t there? Unless you have a high-tech security camera setup that you can monitor on your phone from anywhere in the world, you’re not going to know what’s going on at all times.

If you can’t have eyes on it at all times, the next best way to secure your building is with physical entry prevention measures like security gates. Some of the risks that impact businesses and homes during year-end shutdown include:

  • External vandalism & damage to the building façade
  • Breaking into storage garages, warehouses
  • Gaining entry to offices to steal computers, printers, etc.
  • Breaking into factories & manufacturing plants to steal equipment

There is always the risk of civil unrest and widespread looting taking place, and a situation like KZN faced in July 2021 can arise again in a matter of hours – putting your business in jeopardy.

Is your KwaZulu-Natal property secure?

Keeping a close eye on your house or business property is one thing, but it takes more than a watchful eye to keep criminals from accessing your private belongings.

These are a few effective theft deterrents that businesses and private homes alike have used to protect themselves during the festive season:

  1. Alarm & armed response
    Whether you install a silent alarm or a more traditional one, be sure you have something in place to notify a 3rd party security entity (like armed response) when your property is in danger while you’re away.
  2. Entrance-point pepper spray
    This security solution is often used by companies with their own servers, where stolen computer equipment could spell disaster for the company and its clients.
  3. Burglar-proofing at doors & windows
    Having a robust security gate at every entrance of your home is a non-negotiable to keeping it safe, but you should also ensure that your windows feature burglar proofing as windows are common entry points for criminals.

Improve your safety with security gates

When last did you assess the quality and effectiveness of your property’s security gates?

We’re talking about those gates at your doors and windows. Keep your KwaZulu-Natal home and business safer this shutdown season with retractable security gates.

The ParaGone security gates are retractable, robust, and quiet when sliding open and closed. These also feature slam-shut locking mechanisms for easier locking up.

Get in touch with ParaGone to arrange a quote on security gates for your property.