Dreaming about adding an aluminium patio enclosure to your home? This feature makes an excellent addition to any property, offering the ideal indoor-outdoor room that can be used for a number of purposes.

Aluminium makes the ideal material for this type of room, thanks to its weather-resistant features and its ability to be easily customised according to your home’s style and colours.

What should you consider when planning an aluminium patio enclosure and how can you design the right patio to enhance your home? Keep reading to find out.

How to Plan Your New Aluminium Patio Enclosure

Planning the ideal aluminium patio enclosure comes down to including the right elements to suit your specific needs. Patios can be completely open, semi-open or completely enclosed. You could use an existing room for your patio or create a new enclosure from scratch. Depending on the type of patio enclosure you prefer, you could consider adding any or all of the following elements.


Adding a ceiling onto your awning creates a finished look and completes the flow into your home.  Ceilings also help to regulate heat and insulation, allowing you to enjoy your patio all-year around. There are few things better than enjoying a quiet cup of tea or coffee on a covered patio while it is raining outside.



You could also look at adding rooflights to a portion of the patio or to the entire patio. That will give you the benefit of cover, with added light. Our rooflights are made from high quality, long-lasting glass and aluminium that will withstand just about any climate condition. Whether it is raining, or a hot clear day, rooflights allow you to enjoy your patio to the fullest.



Although these are typically used on balconies rather than patios, they can also be effective on an enclosed patio, depending on the requirements.



Aluminium windows also help to add light to an enclosed patio. When a rooflight is also added, you will have a sunroom that can be used as a conservatory, lounge, spa, bathroom, playroom, artist studio or even as a garden nursery. Windows can be full length or counter height, depending on your needs.



Finally, you can also add doors. Sliding aluminium doors can be very effective for an enclosed patio, as they act as a glass wall. Folding Staking doors are another great option as they are easily retracted to create a completely open effect. Used alongside or instead of windows, doors allow access into the garden and add visual impact.

Designing an enclosed patio is always unique to the owners needs, space and budget. At ParaGone, we will “tailor-make” your patio space to create your dream patio. Contact us today to request a quote on your aluminium patio enclosure in Durban.