Contrary to what most of us thought when the pandemic was at its worst in 2020, the housing market hasn’t collapsed. That’s right – you can still successfully sell a house in South Africa. However, buyers are being way pickier about what they’re getting for the small fortune they’re spending. If you’re considering selling your property soon, we’re offering up four ways to improve your home’s value in 2022.

Finish any incomplete maintenance

Remember that time you promised to repaint you second bedroom, or knock up those bookshelves you bought for the study in 2018? If you haven’t got around to it yet, make a list of maintenance your home needs in the short term. Things like waterproofing and repainting damp spots, repainting bedrooms, and repairing broken windows, doors, shelves, cupboards, etc.

Modernise your home with aluminium

Aluminium windows, aluminium doors, and other fixtures – especially frameless glass – are instant home modernizers, adding a dash of sleek elegance to any room needing a facelift. Partitions, whether drywall or glass and aluminium partitioning, are perfect for sectioning off rooms to create dwelling add-ons like study nooks and children play areas.

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Turn your patio into a sunroom

A patio enclosure is arguably the most valuable investments you can make to a home. These projects can instantly add another room to your home, with most people opting to use their enclosed patio as an entertaining room. With retracting glass palace doors, you can have best of both worlds, bringing the outside inside whenever you’d prefer to have your patio back.

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Improve your home’s security

Crime is a daily reality for us living in South Africa, and with the police unable to protect us sufficiently, the thin line between safety and disaster is often the personal security measures we implement at home. Safe homes are sought-after homes, and security features like retracting security gates and monkey-proofing really go far to setting a home’s future owner at ease.

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Aluminium Fixtures & Security Products in Durban

Choose ParaGone to consult on your home’s 2022 renovations. We can replace your wooden windows and doors with aluminium, design and install your new patio enclosure, install security gates and even monkey-proofing. Improve your home’s value in 2022 with us by getting in touch for a quote today!