Wondering how to keep your aluminium doors and windows looking as good as new? Although aluminium frames are not susceptible to the same amount of wear and tear as wooden frames, they can begin to fade over time. They can also build up dust and dirt, on the outside and the inside. Newer frames will not need as much cleaning initially, but, over time, you should ideally clean your aluminium doors and windows every three or four months. With that said, be careful not to damage your frames with overly harsh cleaning agents or excessive scrubbing. This can scratch the aluminium and leave the frames looking dull over time. Instead, stick to cleaning products made for this metal or a gentle soap that can be used on metal. To get the best results, we’ve put together some tips.

Cleaning Aluminium Doors and Windows

Find out how to clean your aluminium doors and windows with these simple tips.

Gather your products and equipment.

While some prefer to use stronger solutions and dedicated cleaning products made especially for aluminium, you can use regular detergent or soap as well. In addition to the cleaning product you plan to use, you will also need a bucket filled with warm water, a hose (or jug) for rinsing, and a soft cloth made of microfibre or a similar fabric. You can also use a dish sponge. Try to avoid harsh sponges that could damage the frames.

Rinse the frames well.

Using your jug of water or your hose if you cleaning external windows, give the frames and windows a good rinse. For interior windows, it is best to use a cloth soaked only in water to wipe down the frames and remove dust. This will make the frames easier to clean once you use the cleaning product and warm water.

Start from the top and work your way down.

Once you’ve got everything at hand, you can begin cleaning the frames. For best results, start at the top and move downwards. This will prevent soapy water from running down the frames into just-cleaned areas. Starting at the top, gently work your soaked cloth over the frames, getting into corners and making sure that you remove build-up and stains. If you have any tougher marks, use the sponge to gently scrub until the marks have been removed.

Finish with a good rinse and a polish.

When the frames are cleaned, use plain water to remove excess soap. You can also use a clean wet cloth to wipe off traces of cleaning residue after rinsing. Once you have removed all cleaning product, you can use a dry cloth to dry and polish the frames. Make sure that you dry in corners and around the glass. This will help your aluminium windows and doors shine like new.

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