More people are working from home than ever, making office renovation an essential investment. If you have recently changed to a remote work model, you will need a workspace that is fully equipped for productivity. Using a spare room or section of your home that has enough space for a desk is never ideal. Instead, you need a dedicated office that serves as your day-to-day workspace. Even if you only work from home a few days a week or use your office for admin, a home-based office will add plenty of value. To ensure that you get the most from your workspace, we are sharing some home office renovation tips for the year ahead.

Home Office Renovation Ideas

There are a few things to keep in mind when planning your home office renovation. These include the following:

Divide work areas.

Depending on the amount of space you have, you could consider dividing work areas within your office. You will want a primary area for your desk and perhaps separate areas for equipment such as printers and scanners. You may also want an area for meetings if you need to see clients face-to-face. A tea and coffee station will always come in handy as well. For larger rooms, aluminium partitions are a good way to section off areas. For smaller rooms, you can use dividers or even opt for an open-plan space.

Optimise natural light.

Light plays a highly important role in any office – home-based or otherwise. One of the biggest benefits of home offices is that they offer far more natural light than offices based in multi-story buildings. Adding glass and aluminium windows will give you ample light. Try floor to ceiling windows or smaller windows situated near your desk area. SmartGlass will make sure that you optimise light as well as temperature. This glass provides insulation. A variety of options are available, including laminated, double glazed, mirrored, coated, and toughened glass.

Optimise smaller spaces.

If you do not have space for a larger office, there are a few ways that you can optimise the space you already have. You could use your garage to create an office space, replacing the roller door with sliding doors or larger windows with hinge door. You can use part of your patio to create your workspace. Enclosures and rooflights will allow you to create a light-filled space that is perfect for a small office. You can add aluminium folding or sliding doors that open out onto the rest of the patio or the garden. This will give you a small yet inviting work area. Choose SmartGlass to ensure that your doors and windows are designed to allow optimal light without too much glare.

Ensure privacy and distractions.

Keeping your office separate from home is important – especially if you don’t want to risk distractions and noise. A private space with a separate entrance will allow you to have meetings and also give you a dedicated office rather than space in your home used to work. This will help you to improve your work-life balance as well, keeping work and home separate. To make a separate office, you could remove a window and replace with a sliding door or hinge door with side light window so that you have a separate entrance to your office.

The first step in renovating and planning a home office is to determine your needs. You can then work around the space you have to decide on the best plan of action. Having a plan in place is important to be sure that your office is fully prepared. As a premium specialist in aluminium windows in KZN, ParaGone offers all the products you need to get started. Contact us today to find out how we can help you plan your home office renovation.