Offering a wide range of benefits, performance glass in KwaZulu-Natal and surrounds offers a sustainable, affordable solution for warm climate homes. This type of glass is especially beneficial in areas that have high temperatures and high humidity. As they are able to safely expand and contract, while keeping heat out, this glass is an excellent choice for windows, providing comfort even in the height of summer.

You can learn more about the benefits of energy efficient windows to find out what makes this type of glass such a worthwhile investment. To find out more about how to choose performance glass for your home, keep reading.

Choosing Performance Glass for Your Home

Some of the things to consider when choosing performance glass for your home include the following:

Conduct a Thermal Stress Analysis.

If glass with a higher solar absorption rate is chosen, a Thermal Stress Analysis is highly recommended. This will reduce the risk of thermal cracks caused by differences between the window frame and the glass. When the centre of the glass is hotter than the edges, there is a far greater risk of cracks. An analysis will help your installer be aware of any potential issues that may affect the installation. A trusted supplier will always be able to provide this analysis. If none is available, your windows may not be fully protected against possible cracks.

Choose glass according to your needs.

It is a very good idea to be sure of what you are aiming to achieve with this type of window. There are two options here. You could either be keeping heat inside your home or keeping heat out of your home. While these sound very similar, there are a few key differences that will affect the overall performance of the glass. Those living in a warmer climate such as KZN will typically want to keep heat out. You will need to focus on the SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) value in order to get the best results from your glass. Those living in a colder climate will want to keep heat inside the home. The focus, in that case, should be on the U-value that helps to retain heat.

Choose the right setting blocks.

Setting blocks are used to install glass within the window frame. Setting blocks are installed on the inside of the window frame. They are designed to protect the glass from the impact of opening and closing the window. They also provide additional support for windows that typically expand and contract over varying temperature conditions. It is essential to choose these blocks carefully. If the blocks are not sized or fitted correctly, there is an increased chance of glass breakage. The larger the window pane, the better it will be to use a longer block.

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