With the festive season just about here, dressing up your favourite aluminium door and window is sure to add plenty of fun, getting you into the holiday spirit in no time at all. Decorating is a part of the holidays that everyone enjoys. To help get you into the mood, we have put together some simple yet effective aluminium door and window decoration ideas that are just right for the holidays.

Festive Aluminium Door & Window Decorating Ideas

Looking for some last-minute aluminium door and window decorating ideas to get you into a festive mood? Here are some simple ways to decorate your aluminium windows and doors.

Star Lights

Image: thexerxes.com

Simple, pretty star lights can add a touch of festive cheer in no time at all, with minimal effort and cost. Add a few decorations on your windowsill and choose your favourite type of lights to brighten up your windows. Stars are a great choice, but you could also try colourful lights, fun-shaped lights or even solar lights for something more sustainable.

Door Decorations

Image: Amazon.com

You can order door decoration kits online or find them at supermarkets and large stores across the country. These are great for doors of all types, including glass sliding doors and doors made of aluminium. Choose your favourite festive designs, create your very own Christmas scenes and get creative with door decals that welcome visitors to your home or business.

Paper Ornaments

Image: midwestliving.com

A great one to make with the kids during the holidays, paper ornaments are simple and stylish. These can be made from cardboard or even recycled materials. Create baubles or try stars, wreaths, bells, sleighs or just about anything else you can imagine hanging in your window. Add ribbon, glitter, sequins, wrapping paper, string, baubles, and other details for the final touches.

Cardboard Cut-Outs

Image: silvinadevita.com

Another idea that can be made at home is cardboard cut-out decorations that are placed in and around the window. Cut out small stars and stick them in the glass. Add in trees, houses or anything else you want to add to your custom festive scenes, and complete the look with some well-placed candles along the windowsill. This look is elegant yet cheerful.

Christmas Stickers

Image: Dhgate.com

Christmas stickers and stencils are another classic choice. Many modern stickers can be easily removed after use, allowing you to reuse them again in the years to follow. Place your favourite stickers such as snowflakes or stars in your sliding door or floor to ceiling windows and add a combination of sizes for visual interest. Mix and match colours or stick to a single colour for emphasis.

However you plan to decorate your windows and doors, finding the perfect aluminium doors and windows in Durban is easier than ever thanks to our large range that caters to just about every requirement. Contact us today to learn more about investing in aluminium windows and doors in KZN.