There is no doubt that frameless glass sliding doors add an instant contemporary style to any residential or commercial property. These doors provide plenty of light, with a modern all-glass design that gives the illusion of ample space. They are often used in newer homes, working well for patio doors especially. Many homeowners are replacing older, more traditional doors with styles such as frameless doors. In commercial environments, frameless sliding doors are ideal for lobbies, shopfronts, meeting rooms, and various other areas. One of the best frameless sliding doors on the market is the Hillaldam VistaSlide system. Keep reading to find out what makes these doors a must for your home or business.

Choosing the Best Frameless Glass Sliding Doors

The Hillaldam VistaSlide system offers state-of-the-art frameless glass sliding doors that create a nearly invisible seam, giving you uninterrupted views and light. They are made to slide horizontally on a small track that is embedded in the floor. Some of the biggest advantages of VistaSlide doors include the following:

Seamless design.

As the doors sit on an extremely low 17mm bottom track, with no vertical profiles, the doors provide abundant views and light with almost invisible profiles. An unlimited number of tracks can be embedded and expanded with the help of single track extensions, giving you even more versatility. A selection of floor trims ensures that the doors easily blend into your home or business.

Durable and secure.

While VistaSlide is the only system to use 12mm glass, the doors are durable and strong. Premium quality double-wheel rollers are fixed to each panel, supporting up to 90kg. A small gap within the upper track makes sure that the system will continue working, even if deflection or sag occurs. A selection of locking options are available on each side or on central openings of the door. The system is made according to the most stringent European design regulations, with extensive testing and certifications to further ensure a durable, long-lasting system that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Space saving.

A major benefit for every premise, these sliding doors help to save space. The sleek design with thin glass panels and embedded rollers give you all of the benefits of sliding doors, without the bulk. This makes the VistaSlide system suitable for smaller spaces such as apartments and townhouses or smaller sized offices and stores that want to maximise the use of space as much as possible. As these doors create an illusion of no doors at all, with clear views to the outside and optimal light, they are even more perfect for small spaces.

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