Aluminium balustrades are used in a wide range of buildings, from commercial to residential. They are functional and practical but also offer a way to enhance to design and style of your property. With a variety of styles to choose from, choosing the right aluminium balustrades for your building comes down to a few factors.

These include the style of your building, the size of the balcony or patio and your overall preferences. Although their primary function is to provide a protective barrier on balconies or patios, balustrades can also add a great deal of impact to your property. For front-facing balconies, they can create an instant impression. For back balconies, they can help to enhance the look of your property, matching your building’s style.

Choosing the right balustrades is essential to get the most from these structures, however. Modern balustrades may not work in an older home with more traditional architecture. Likewise, a more ornate style will look out of place in a modern building.

Which Balustrades are Best for Your Building?

Here are the primary types of aluminium balustrades along with their benefits.

Aluminium Balustrades

Choosing the right aluminium balustrades - Aluminium Balustrades installed on an apartment's balcony in Durban.

The balustrades are simple, durable and versatile. They are available in a variety of finishes. Made from high-quality aluminium, they are ideal for outdoor structures as they are not prone to rust or other wear and tear. There are many different styles to choose from, ranging from modern to classic. They are affordable, too. They can be designed to suit your property’s overall design. They can also be designed to match other structures in your property, including doors, windows and burglar bars. This makes them an incredibly versatile choice for those seeking something practical, long-lasting and cost-efficient.

Glass Balustrades

Choosing the right aluminium balustrades - Glass balustrades installed on a balcony in Durban.

Glass balustrades typically include glass panels with aluminium used as frames. This type of balustrade is also versatile, with a variety of styles on offer. Classic glass with simple frames works well in just about every style of building. These balustrades work well in plain metal, white and black. Depending on the finish and colour, you can easily add balustrades that suit your windows and doors, creating a sleek look that perfectly suits your building. They can also help to give the illusion of space if you’re looking for something simple but don’t want to go with a completely frameless glass option.

Frameless Balustrades

Choosing the right aluminium balustrades - Frameless balustrades installed on a balcony in Durban.

Frameless glass is modern and gives unobstructed views. If you’re looking for something seamless and contemporary, frameless balustrades are the ideal choice. They can look especially good with frameless glass sliding doors. These balustrades feature panels of glass that are supported by aluminium and mounted onto the patio or balcony edge. They are almost transparent, allowing for maximum views. This type of balustrade is ideal for modern offices and homes. They are especially great for beach homes and properties that overlook lakes, rivers, fields and other scenic views. They also work well for urban homes, providing a clear view along with a modern look.

Choosing the Right Aluminium Balustrades

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