At ParaGone, we offer an exceptional range of innovative and stylish ceiling solutions. Whether you’re looking to transform a residential space or elevate the atmosphere of a commercial environment, our diverse selection has something for every client. Explore our collection and unlock the potential of your ceilings to create captivating and inspiring spaces that leave a lasting impression.

Type of Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings – These are highly popular in commercial settings as they offer working spaces a range of benefits, including hiding unsightly things like pipe ducts, cables and other weak aesthetic points above head height. Ceilings of the suspended nature also offer easier access should tasks like cable running and maintenance be required. Certain suspended ceiling tiles can improve the acoustics of an indoor space offering improved soundproofing.

Flush Plastered Ceilings – These ceilings create a more elegant finish. They can be enhanced with a variety of cornices or trims and bulkheads in all shapes and sizes. These can be used for either domestic or commercial.

Isoboard Ceilings – These are quick to install and provide thermal insulation, preserving heat in winter and keeping rooms cool in summer.

We are also skilled at repairing, revamping and maintaining any type of existing ceilings.

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