There are many reasons why countless South Africans across the rainbow nation are exchanging their wooden home features for aluminium doors and windows. We can’t share all of them here, but this blog article on the Advantages of Aluminium Windows and Doors shares five reasons why a move to aluminium is a good idea. Already enjoying the benefits of aluminium products? Here’s how to care for your aluminium doors and windows properly…

Aluminium Door & Window Care Tips:

1/ Be Wary of Water

It’s true that most aluminium doors and windows manufactured in South Africa are made taking into account our unique weather conditions. ParaGone is based in Durban, which means our aluminium products need to withstand the salty coastal air that corrodes anything remotely metallic.

Regardless of where your aluminium products find themselves, the one thing they don’t like too much of is water. For this reason, deploying garden sprinklers nearby aluminium doors and windows is ill-advised. However, should your aluminium products get wet through rain or another means – be sure to wipe your windows down within a day or so (especially if you live at the coast).

2/ Stop the Smudging

Another way to care for your aluminium doors and windows is to ensure that no harmful materials, solvents or corrosives land up on their aluminium frames. Too often aluminium products suppliers accidentally leave bits of concrete or corrosive sealants on the windows and doors they install – which could cause damage to the aluminium if not dealt with.

Any aluminium window and door installer worth their salt should be cleaning down your newly-installed features, but if you haven’t partnered with a preferred aluminium manufacturer – check your aluminium products directly after installation. If you see any bits of dried concrete or sealants, use mild soapy water and a soft cloth to remove them.

3/ Be Cloth Careful

While powder-coated aluminium doors and windows are toughened to withstand harsh weather, they become less effective when that coating starts to thin. Aluminium frame coatings can be worn down over time when scrubbed with abrasive scourers, brushes or cloths.

So, to really care for your aluminium doors and windows (specifically their frames) you’ll want to make sure only soft, non-abrasive cloths are used to wipe their frames down. The detergent you use on your window and door frames is also important, as abrasive cleaning agents can also cause damage over time.

4/ What About Windows?

Windows are meant to stay as clear as possible, but improper window cleaning techniques – like on most windows – can scratch and eventually dull the glass. For this reason, we recommend using mild soapy water or a spray window-cleaning solution, and a soft sponge or microfibre cloth when cleaning windows.

Just moved into a place where someone applied stickers to the windows? Before grabbing the nearest knife and scraping the stickers off – which WILL cause window damage – soak them for a few minutes with warm water. This will soften the paper and make it possible to wipe the sticker away.

5/ Inspect Your Seals

As a final tip on how to care for your aluminium doors and windows, we’re looking at arguably the most important parts – the hinges and seals. Seals are rubber strips used where windows meet their frames and where doors close shut, to keep wind and water out of the building. However, when water gets into a hinge or through a crack in a seal – it could be a problem.

We recommend inspecting your aluminium doors and windows once a month – paying special attention to the state of your door and window hinges, as well as the seals. If the rubber seals feel brittle or are breaking off in pieces, call an aluminium door and window specialist to assess the situation and provide a solution – before serious damage is done.

Got Aluminium Questions? We’ve Got the Answers

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