Yes, aluminium doors can be fire rated. In fact, fabricated aluminium structures like doors are often the highest-rated fire-resistant fixtures in a building. If an upcoming project calls for aluminium doors and you’re interested about their fire rating, you’re on the right blog article. Below we’re looking at how materials are rated for fire resistance, how aluminium performs against fire, and where to order large numbers of fire-rated aluminium doors and other aluminium fixtures in KwaZulu-Natal.

Rating materials for fire resistance

In South Africa, SANS 10400: Part T – Fire Protection lays out, in clear terms, what building developers need to ensure with regards to protecting their buildings (and the people within) from fire damage. One section instructs that materials used should minimize “the spread and intensity of any fire within buildings, and the spread of fire to any other buildings.”

The EU classifies the fire-resistance on a scale, with A1 being the safest and E being the most flame friendly. Examples of A1 products would be things like stone, concrete, and bricks. Examples of E-rated products would be things like low-density untreated wood.

Where does aluminium fit in?

Aluminium, copper, and stainless steel are all A1 fire rated materials. This means that they are non-combustable (unless in powder form). These materials “will not contribute in any stage of the fire including the fully developed fire.” Aluminium will actually help to prevent the spread of a fire ripping through a building, by not bursting into flames and making it even more of an inferno.

What about aluminium door glass?

Won’t the glass just melt and combust, contributing to the fire? Not if the building’s aluminium doors featuring glass are fitted with fire-resistant glass panels. One example is the Pyran S from PG SmartGlass, offering almost impenetrable fire-resistance wherever it is used. It’s a borosilicate glass, with outstanding fire retardant properties.

Which aluminium doors offer the best fire protection?

Aluminium is going to stop the spread of a fire, because it can’t combust. However, aluminium-framed glass doors are a little different, since there is less aluminium present than a door that is fully aluminium with zero glass. It’s also important to think of how combustible the powder coating is on powder-coated aluminium fixtures like aluminium doors and windows.

Get quoted on fire rated aluminium doors

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