If you have ever wondered how to choose between aluminium doors and wooden doors, you may already have some idea of what each type of door entails. Wood has always been a popular choice for doors. Although there is no doubt that wood can add plenty of visual value, the demand for sustainable alternatives has given way for a far wider choice in materials than ever before. Aluminium offers a highly sustainable metal that is practical, cost-effective, easy to install and long-lasting – especially compared to wood. So, the question is: are aluminium doors better than wooden doors?

In this guide, we take a closer look at the core differences between the two materials to help you determine whether aluminium doors are a good choice for your home.

Why Choose Aluminium Doors Over Wooden Doors?

Some of the biggest advantages of aluminium doors over wooden doors include the following:


One of the biggest advantages of aluminium is its strength. Wood requires a great deal of treatment to withstand wear and tear over the years. Even after spending a small fortune trying to keep your timber doors in good condition, wood eventually starts to look weathered after a few years. Whether you live in a coastal area that has a higher than usual chance of damp and corrosion or you simply want a door that will last through the years without the risk of rot or other issues, aluminium is a long-lasting and water-resistant solution that is ideal for doors.


This material is also surprisingly versatile, with a wide range of styles, colours and designs on the market. Some can even mimic the look of timber, with a wood grain design that closely resembles the real thing. Unlike real wood, however, aluminium offers a greater versatility in design, with a variety of styles to choose from for front and back doors as well as interior doors. Whether you favour a contemporary design or something more classic, you are sure to find the perfect doors to suit your budget and requirements.


Easy to install and low on maintenance, aluminium is also incredibly practical, making it ideal for doors. Unlike wood, which requires regular sanding, coating and other work to keep the doors looking like new, aluminium requires little to no upkeep. This type of door is also affordable, which further adds to its practicality. Doors can easily be adapted to suit your windows and overall style, with no need to spend a small fortune, either. Whether you are replacing a front door or adding in new patio doors, installation is relatively quick and painless in comparison to timber doors.


Finally, it is also worth noting that aluminium is an excellent choice for those wanting a sustainable, eco-friendly home. This material can be endlessly recycled. Unlike wood, which uses natural resources, aluminium leaves a very small footprint behind. The manufacturing process is simple and relatively low impact and the door frame and door itself are both designed to last for decades or more without the need to replace anything. If you’re looking for a sustainable choice that is low on natural resources, this material is an excellent choice over wood.

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