There is no doubt that aluminium windows and doors offer excellent value, for residential homes as well as commercial buildings of all sizes. From contemporary beach-front homes to multi-level corporate buildings, retail shopfronts and many other structures, aluminium has become a popular choice that offers many unique advantages. This metal has evolved over the years, with the current frames providing a look that is flawless and highly versatile. Whether you are planning a home renovation or considering the best frame options for a brand new build, keep reading to find out why aluminium windows and doors are the best choice for 2024 and beyond.

Why Consider Aluminium Windows & Doors in 2024?

Thinking about investing in aluminium windows and doors this year? Here are some of the biggest advantages of aluminium doors and windows.


Unlike wood and other framing options, aluminium frames are typically more cost-effective. These frames are made of high quality, long-lasting aluminium that provides a strong, economical choice compared to other materials. Aluminium is far stronger than wood and PVC. As there is typically no need for upkeep, the lifetime value of these frames is also excellent.


Aluminium also offers a high level of customisation, with a wide range of finishes that allow you to create doors and windows that blend into your home’s style easily. These frames have a powder coating finish that does not require repainting, keeping the same colour without the risk of fading. A variety of finishes are offered, ranging from metallic to wood-like finishes that easily blend into the look of your home.


From a sustainability point of view, aluminium is one of the most eco-friendly materials on earth. This metal has a high recycling rate, requiring a minimal energy amount during the recycling process. If you are looking for a window and door frame option that has a low carbon footprint, aluminium is an excellent material.


The strength of aluminium means that less material is needed within the frame to safely hold the glass. That means that frames can be narrower, sleeker and slimmer. Large floor to ceiling windows can be created, maximising views significantly and letting in maximum light. If you’re looking for windows that blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces, this metal is the ideal choice.


Aluminium is as versatile as it is sustainable and affordable. These frames can be used for a huge range of residential and commercial applications, ranging from high-rise buildings, all the way to new property units, retail shops, office blocks, modern homes and even schools and community centres.


Finally, aluminium frames have high longevity, even in areas that have a high level of salt, damp or wind. The anti-corrosion properties of this material mean that they have a low maintenance rate and a long lifespan. Ultimately, this makes for even more affordability over the long-term, with no risk of rotting, cracking and damage.

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