ParaGone is proud to introduce a brand new multi-sliding system that is set to revolutionize sliding doors in South Africa. The Acacia slider is an innovative sliding door that has an elegant look, along with a number of features ranging from a disability ramp to a corner slider that allows for a complete corner opening. This H Systems product is manufactured and supplied to a limited number of suppliers, including ParaGone.

We are excited to welcome this product to our existing range of sliding doors in South Africa. Keep reading to find out more about what this sliding system has to offer.

Introducing Acacia Slider – Premium Sliding Doors in South Africa

Along with its integrated wheelchair ramp, the Acacia sliding door also features a central fixed pole that meets in the middle, allowing for easier usage. The system has been carefully designed to offer a wide range of opening sash applications, plus a cavity slider feature and a number of options ranging from single to multi-slider. Also offered is a selection of interlockers with 1-xx values that range from 10cm4 to 180cm4, a wide selection of height, span and wind load options are offered.

Other key features include a choice of integrated sunscreen and louvre options, with all machined elements covered with moulded caps to ensure a flawless finish. Integrated anti-rattle mouldings are integrated for soundless use throughout the sliding doors’ lifetime.

The Acacia slider offers the following options for sliding doors in South Africa:

  • Single track single panel slider X (shutter or cavity applications)
  • Single track double panel slider X-X (shutter or cavity applications)
  • Double track double panel slider XX
  • Double track four panel slider XX-XX
  • Triple track three panel slider XXX
  • Triple Track six panel slider XXX-XXX
  • Multi track additions with sun shading, louvres and fly screens that can integrate to the twin and triple track
  • 90 degree corner capabilities
  • Caters for all glass thickness from 4mm to 25mm, single and double glazed
  • Enabled for a mid rail

Wondering if sliding aluminium doors are the right fit for your home or business? Some of the biggest advantages include the following:

  1. Low maintenance. Unlike other doors, sliding doors are made of few parts, which means less chance of breakage and other issues. These doors require far less maintenance than traditional doors, making them cost and time-effective.
  2. Durable and strong. The design of sliding doors makes them a durable choice that will last for many years to come. Many add further durability in the form of double glazing, which keeps the glass lasting for as long as possible, too.
  3. Energy efficient. Finally, when glazing is added to your sliding doors, you have the added advantage of better insulation and better energy efficiency. This means keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter. It also means reduced costs in heating and cooling your property.

The Acacia slider system is currently available from ParaGone. Contact us today to learn more about how you can enhance your home or office with these modern, long-lasting sliding doors in South Africa.