In an article on this subject back in 2020, we shared five home renovations residents in KwaZulu-Natal could invest in to improve the value of their houses. These were: create an enclosed patio, redo your entrance, revamp your bathrooms, add a balcony, and update to aluminium doors and windows. We are back with another five tips to increase your home value in KZN, so keep reading to uncover them all

  1. Invest in green technologies

The cost of electricity in South Africa is becoming almost unaffordable for many homeowners. Many are now looking more seriously at investing in green technologies around the house, like solar panels, energy-saving bulbs, rainwater collection systems, and others. These ‘green’ household technologies are sure to make your home more valuable in the current economic climate.

  1. Paint up a storm

When last was your home (or any part of it) given a nice fresh lick of paint? Paint isn’t the cheapest stuff to buy anymore, but you’d be surprised just how much more valuable your property will seem to potential buyers if it has been given a few coats of quality paint by professional residential painters. A freshly painted house feels less like a ‘used’ house.

  1. Make your home seem bigger

If your home seems a bit small inside, you’ll want to open up the space and make the whole area seem bigger. You can do this using large wall mirrors, placed strategically throughout your home. These give the impression of space to people walking through for the first time, and will make sure they don’t feel cramped of claustrophobic in their possible future home.

  1. Keep maintenance up to date

A property that is well maintained is a property that will fetch a deserving price on the market. Think about it: would you buy a property if you knew that there had been zero maintenance work done in the last five years? Keeping your home’s maintenance in check, like regularly clearing septic tanks, regularly clearing the drains, checking electrical connections for faults, etc.

  1. Spend time with a designer

We’re sure you are great at decorating your home, but there are people out there who literally get paid to make your property beautiful. Before placing your home on the market, before even taking the photographs for the listing, think about hiring the services of a professional interior designer. They will make your home 110% more appealing to future buyers, with stylish decorations and a few clever home hacks.

Home value improvement services in KZN

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