Whether you are aiming to sell or taking care of your investment, there are several ways to increase your house value. Each update you make to your house will ultimately make it a more valuable investment. With that said, some updates are more worthwhile than others. Small, superficial changes such as fresh paint are not the same as improvements that update your property according to market value.

When considering any renovations, it helps to first think about the upgrades that would be beneficial to future buyers. If you have an older home, for example, you may find that updates to doors, windows, entrances, and other parts of the house increase your value considerably.

Here are 5 tips

How to Increase Your House Value

To help you get a better idea of which changes make a genuine difference, here are some tips on how to increase your house value.

1. Create an enclosed patio.

Enclosed patios are a great way to create a practical, indoor-outdoor area that connects to a garden or outdoor space. These are especially ideal during the rainy season. Using rooflights and enclosures with full or half aluminium and glass windows or retracting doors will allow you to get the benefit of light and sunshine, with the option to close windows or doors when it is cool, wet or windy.

2. Redo your entrance.

Your entrance is the very first thing that visitors and potential buyers see when arriving at your home. An outdated entry that is gloomy, dark, and uninviting can leave the wrong impression. A bright, welcoming entry with a statement door and ample windows to let in maximum light will leave a far better impression.

3. Revamp your bathroom.

Bathrooms and kitchens are often the deciding factors for buyers. Although older bathrooms with genuine fittings such as clawfoot tubs are highly sought-after today, most bathrooms feature ancient bathtubs, uninspiring tiles, no shower or an old, cramped shower. Adding a modern glass and aluminium shower and updating your bath, sink, and toilet will immediately add more value to your investment.

4. Add a balcony.

If your home is a double-storey property with no balconies, adding one to the master bedroom can also increase your property’s value. Even a small balcony that has just enough space for a chair or two, will help to create a more luxurious master suite. Aluminium balustrades offer a water-resistant option ideal for balconies.

5. Update your doors and windows.

Finally, another upgrade that has a big impact on your home’s value is modern doors and windows. These have the benefit of modernising the exterior of your home as well as allowing for more light inside. Energy-efficient windows such as Performance SmartGlass reduce the cost of heating and cooling while also ensuring optimal durability and safety.

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