Sliding glass doors have been around longer than some of us have been alive. They’re more eco-friendly than wooden doors, and offer any property a number of other benefits. Originally used at entrances to patios, braai areas, and other outdoor venues – sliding doors are now proving to be excellent indoor space management solutions. This article looks at five ways to use interior sliding doors in your home, office, or commercial space.

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  • Divide a large room

If you’re not a huge fan of open plan spaces, then interior sliding doors are the solution to creating more structure in your building. Sliding doors are commonly used to divide open-plan living areas into separate lounge and dining spaces. When closed, the spaces are separate. When opened, the open-plan feel returns and more space is created.

  • Create walk-in wardrobes

Got huge bedrooms? Interior sliding doors aren’t reserved for use in living and working areas. Large bedrooms can be greatly improved by creating walk-in wardrobes with sliding interior doors. If you need to replace existing wooden wardrobe doors, consider sliding doors as an alternative. They save space compared to swing wardrobe doors and look way more stylish.

  • Enclose your patio

Got a patio? Want to instantly add a stylish sunroom to your building? One way interior sliding doors are being used is to enclose a property’s outdoor living areas. With palace sliding doors, patios become versatile space adaptors that can be used to benefit the space all year long. Open the doors wide during summer to let fresh air in, and during colder month close them to keep the warmth in.

  • Create a reading nook

Here’s something else you can do with your very spacious living areas. Use glass partitioning and sliding doors to corner off a section of a large room for a reading nook. This little extra area can then be used as a home office, a man cave, or a play room to keep children’s toys neatly in one designated space.

  • Make entrances more spacious

Where there’s a hinged door, there is space that must be left vacant so the door can swing open and closed without issues. When these swinging doors are replaced with sliding doors, that space is freed up since the sliding door moves tightly parallel to the wall – or into a cavity in the wall and completely out of sight.

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