Aluminium stacking doors are modern aluminium doors that have become a popular choice in many homes. Thanks to their ability to create a seamless indoor-outdoor flow, they are a great option for living areas that lead out onto patios or decks. They are also ideal for bedrooms as an alternative to French doors, maximising available light and space. Thanks to their many advantages, stacking doors are considered an excellent option for any home wanting a modern, versatile and practical door.

Why Consider Aluminium Stacking Doors?

The top advantages of aluminium stacking doors include the following:

1. Aesthetics

Aluminium stacked doors have an elegant, contemporary look. They can be easily customised to your home’s design to match your windows and other doors. Aluminium stacking doors have a modern aesthetic that works well in contemporary homes. They can also be used to update older homes. Replacing old sliding doors and outdated windows with modern aluminium doors and windows can greatly enhance your home.

2. Space

This type of door sits on a track, allowing individual sections of the door to roll back and stack closely as parts are opened. Each door section is locked in position, enabling the outer section/s to be opened as wanted without opening the entire door. They take up very little space, making them a good choice for smaller homes or rooms.

3. Light

A major benefit of stacked aluminium doors is their ability to let in plenty of light. Depending on how the doors are stacked, and the size of your door, you could open up an entire wall using this type of door. If fitted with PG SmartGlass, you will have the added benefit of UV protection, double glazing, coated or toughened glass that lets in the light while ensuring strong, insulated windows.

4. Accessibility

These doors also allow for maximum accessibility. They can be easily stacked to allow goods to be carried inside when moving or shifting furniture around between living areas and outdoor areas. They provide easy access for wheelchairs and prams. This versatility makes them easy to use, however they are stacked.

5. Flow

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of all is the seamless flow between indoors and outdoors. There are few things like having a living area that extends onto your patio. This flow creates a bigger, seamless living space that is made for entertaining. It also looks good, with no doorways creating a barrier. For bedrooms, these doors have an equally eye-catching effect. They create a flawless flow between your bedroom and your balcony. For bedrooms that have plenty of fantastic views, this effect will be even more spectacular.

Choosing the right doors for your home largely comes down to your specific preferences and your home’s current design. If you are considering stacked aluminium doors, we are here to help you plan doors that fit into your home. Contact ParaGone to learn more about aluminium stacking doors in Durban and surrounds.