There is no doubt that aluminium sliding doors offer a highly flexible solution for homes and businesses. The Palace Slider is especially versatile, offering a range of sliding door options that can be customised to meet your specific needs. These doors have many unique features. Choosing the right aluminium sliding doors can be slightly confusing if you are not sure what to look for – considering where you will be using the doors is the best way to find the right solution. In this guide, we share some of the doors offered in the Palace range to help you choose the right sliding door to suit your specific needs.

Choosing the Right Aluminium Sliding Doors

1/ Single Track

Single-track sliding doors are best suited for shutter or cavity applications. Single and double-panel sliders are both found in this range. These doors are ideal for smaller outdoor spaces that do not have sufficient space for a larger-sized sliding door. They can also be used for wardrobes, en-suite bathrooms, studies, dining areas or other internal applications. They can be used to create small sunroom areas with sliders added instead of windows, giving access to gardens or patios.

2/ Double Track

Double-track sliding doors are available in double and four-panel sliders. If you have more space and want to extend your patio door, you could use a double-track sliding door that allows for a decent amount of light and access to patios or gardens. These doors fold back on a longer track, with more flexibility on how far open the doors are compared to a shorter single-track door.

3/ Triple Track

Triple-track sliding doors are also ideal for large spaces that require a larger door that can open out across a large area. They are available in three and six-panel sliders. They are an excellent choice for sunrooms comprising large areas of glass with ample access to patios or gardens. They can also work indoors in larger spaces or even commercial spaces for office cubicles.

4/ Multi Track

Multi-track sliding doors are a versatile option that is ideal for sun shading, fly screens and louvres that can be added to double to triple-track doors. They can also be used for disability ramps as well as many other purposes – inside and outside. They can be used for patio enclosures, sunrooms, greenhouses, office partitions, large-sized buildings, restaurants and many other buildings requiring easy access through more than one part of the building.

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