Frameless glass balustrades offer a contemporary, seamless look. Thanks to their design, they give the illusion of space. These balustrades work especially well in buildings that have plenty of light, along with modern frameless doors and large floor-to-ceiling windows. Although they are most commonly used for balconies, they can be used in other ways, too. Keep reading to find out how you can use frameless glass balustrades to instantly update your space.

Using Frameless Glass Balustrades

Here are just a few of the ways to incorporate frameless glass balustrades into your property design.

1. Balconies

For balconies, glass balustrades provide uninterrupted views. They allow maximum light, with no visible barriers. This makes them ideal for balconies overlooking the ocean or other scenic areas. But, although they are perfect for homes with great views, they can be used for urban environments, too. Using this type of balustrade in commercial buildings will ensure a sleek, modern look. Using them in high-rise apartments will provide exceptional views over cities. Adding rooflights will let in even more light.

2. Patios

Balustrades can be used to create patio areas as well. The primary role of these structures is to cordon off areas. On balconies, they are used for safety. But on patios and decks, they can help to create a dedicated outdoor space. In commercial buildings such as restaurants and cafes, they can be used as an alternative to fencing for street-facing establishments. Outdoor dining decks can also be sectioned off with balustrades. In residential homes, balustrades can create a dedicated entertainment area. They can also section off a pool area. As the balustrades are made of glass, with very subtle aluminium fixtures, they are unobtrusive while still being effective at bordering patios.

3. Interiors

For interiors, balustrades are used on the upper levels of buildings. They provide safety in passages and are commonly used alongside stairs to create rails. Modern glass and aluminium stairs that lead up to a matching balustrade will add a polished look to any building interior. They are ideal for residential and commercial premises. Use in office spaces, alongside glass partitions, for a professional look that makes the best use of available space and lighting. Use in residential homes along with glass windows to instantly create a sophisticated look.

However you use this type of balustrade, it is essential to choose the right balustrade to suit your needs. The glass in these balustrades needs to be extremely tough to ensure full safety. Sturdy, high-quality aluminium support structures are also essential. These will ensure that the balustrades can attach properly to floors. Aluminium is designed to last, whether used in exterior or interior spaces. Choosing poor quality balustrades can end up being a safety hazard. They will not give you the same effect as well-made balustrades.

  • Remember that proper installation is just as important as a good-quality product.
  • Choosing the right glass is also important. Thicknesses range from 8MM – 15MM, and your application might call for the use of toughened glass.

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