Window decorating has become a popular festive season trend across the globe, previously only seriously practiced in the northern hemisphere. Today, window decorating during the Christmas period is something countless families enjoy. It’s a way to show your festive spirit to anyone passing your home, and some neighbors get pretty competitive with it – going bigger and bigger with their home’s festive season decorations each year. Before going out to buy your home’s décor, have a look at a few 2021 festive season window decoration trends we found to give you some ideas.

Window decorations and natural light

An important factor to consider when decorating your windows with tinsel, candles and other festive items is natural light. Too much window bling and the sun might struggle to get light into your home, which isn’t great – especially if there are no other windows in the room when natural light can come inside.


Trendy Christmas window decorations in 2021

You can buy a few cans of spray-on snow, or you can go a few steps further and try some of these festive season window decoration trends that are guaranteed to make your neighbours try much, much harder next year:

Candles create a warm window display

Festive candles are by no means reserved for mantles above fireplaces. Create a warm, inviting feeling by adding a few candles to your window décor. These will look best at night, but keep in mind that curtains are flammable and candles shouldn’t be left to burn unattended – especially indoors.

Repurpose other festive decorations

Got a pile of shiny Christmas cracker shells from last year’s festivities? Maybe a wreath or two that you’ve been putting up on your door each year? Shake things up during the 2021 festive season by creating eye-catching window displays using repurposed festive decorations like tinsel, crackers, and wreaths.

Festive window sill flower arrangements

The southern hemisphere festive season falls within the summer months, when South Africa is teeming with stunning flora across the landscape. Make a statement this year, and go for a more understated festive window décor idea, by filling your window sills with eye-catching arrangements of seasonal flowers and greenery.

Get sparkly with festive fairy lights

Like the festive window candle arrangements mentioned above, this festive season window decorating trend is one that really shines when the sun goes down. Add strings of soft yellow fairy lights to your home’s windows this year and leave impressed anyone who happens to pass your house at night.

Cleaning your windows after the festive season

Whether you try some of the above festive window décor ideas, or you’re more of the spray-on artificial snow type, there will come a time when your windows will need to go back to normal. Depending on your decorations, you might have to do a bit of window cleaning. Have a look at our blog article below discussing tips on how to clean your aluminium windows properly: